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Hi, I’m Claudio

I’m a passionate software architect, engineer manager, father, husband and best friend. When I’m not chasing my little one around the living room table or telling my wife how much I love her, you will probably find me in front of my Mackbook, I can’t resist them, my wife is to blame.

I love all things tech from our home washing machine to the tiny little microchips inside the device you’re using right now. I’m especially in love with software development that brings product and users together. I started developing way back in 2007 and throughout this period had the pleasure of working professionally with several technologies. I have to say that I’ve never been more excited about the technologies available to us than I am now.

Another thing that I’m really passionate about is using the right tools to do the right job, what’s the point of hammering it down when you can give it a gentle push? There’s no point reinventing the wheel! At most we just need it a bit rounder, right?

Focus on your business and the right tech will present to you.

Want to know more about my work? Check out my LinkedIn page.